First Look: Possible New Iron Man 2 Villain Robots

SEGA has released a teaser trailer for next year’s Iron Man 2: The Video Game in support of the film’s big unveiling at Comic-Con later this week.

I expected the trailer to show a couple beauty shots of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man flying around with some snazzy Stark Industries graphics tossed in for good measure. To my surprise, SEGA tossed in a fair amount of action against enemies we haven’t seen before.

The first image is Crimson Dynamo in his Gennady Gavrilov comic book incarnation. The other two images, one of a roughly human-sized robot and the other a massive tank/robot contraption, I’m not too familiar with. If one of you recognizes the designs from the comics, by all means share your knowledge in the Comments section below.

It is a common practice for video game developers to include characters not seen in the film when designing the game adaptation. Their purpose is for cannon fodder of which robots are a perfect fit. In other words, all of these Iron Man 2 game robots could make a film appearance, or none of them could.

We do know from the Robert Downey Jr. “savoir” story last month that villainous robots are in the film. A scene was shooting when someone dressed in an “iron” robot costume plowed into an extra and Downey Jr. went to that person’s aid. With Justin Hammer’s resources and diabolical mind at work, anything is possible.

Iron Man 2: The Video Game will arrive in stores next April on, at minimum, PS3 and Xbox 360. The trailer is below along with a screen cap featuring each robot.

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