First Blu-ray Disc BD-50 Title Coming Next Week; Additional Titles Confirmed

We’ve got some delicious Blu-ray news today for you from a knowledgeable messenger that left as fast as they came. This mysterious deliverer of insider information has told us ‘Click’ will be the first BD-50 title you can get your grubby little hands on, and as previously announced, it will still hit stores next Tuesday, October 10. Cool, huh? With that news, ‘Click’ sales are about to quadruple at the very least.

Wait, there’s more! We have confirmed ‘Black Hawk Down’ for a November 14 release and yes, it will be a BD-50 title. It will also be the first Blu-ray Disc released by Sony with new “Blu Wizard Technology” that will allow you, the viewer, to have customized control over extra features. Sadly the messenger could not expand upon Blu Wizard’s capabilities, but we’ll learn more soon enough.

The BD-50 releases will continue with ‘Talladega Nights’ on December 12, refuting previous rumors this title would come included with every Playstation 3 console. Maybe it still will, but I’d be surprised if I did stateside. Speaking of ‘Talladega Nights,’ both it and ‘Click’ will be loaded with a “ton” high definition extra features. And you thought ‘Mi:3’ was going to have all the bonus feature fun.

Look for an official announcement from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment tomorrow.

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