Fallout 3 Bobblehead Collectibles Locations Guide

Arguably the most coveted collectible items scattered throughout the wastelands of Fallout 3 on Xbox 360 and PS3 that can’t be acquired with a quick and dirty unlockable code are the Bobblehead figurines. They’re cute, not quite cuddly, but offer a nice little boost to your player’s stats or skills when picked up.

In total there are 20 of these little guys collecting dust in Fallout 3. Some are readily available to pick up from the game’s immediately accessible area while others require unlocking new areas to reach.

Each of the 20 Bobbleheads are assigned into one of two categories: Stats and Skills. Skills will grant you a single rating point in the relevant area while Stats offer a 10-point boost.

Outlined below is the location and subsequent ratings boost of each Fallout 3 Bobblehead in a straightforward walkthrough. They’re small and sometimes hard to spot, so keep those eyes open at all times — especially when in one of the areas you know one might be caught lounging around in.

The first seven Bobbleheads are for Stats while the remaining 13 are for Skills.

1. Agility Bobblehead
Location: Greener Pastures Disposal Site, Office
This radioactive area is in the Northeast corner of the map, just southwest from the Republic of Dave. A desk in the main office reveals the Agility Bobblehead.
Effect: Boosts your Agility rating a single point.

2. Charisma Bobblehead
Location: Vault 108, Cloning Lab
Enter the vault located on the East portion of your map. Head left, past the power generators and downstairs into the labs. Find the Cloning Lab and in it the Charisma Bobblehead on a desk.
Effect: Boosts your Charisma rating a single point.

3. Endurance Bobblehead
Location: Deathclaw Sanctuary, Brahmin Corpse
The entrance to the Deathclaw Sanctuary, found by traveling North and West, reveals a path that will quickly lead you to the Brahim Corpse. The Endurance Bobblehead rests nearby.
Effect: Boosts your Endurance rating a single point.

4. Intelligence Bobblehead
Location: Rivet City, Science Lab
You’ll want to travel to the far Southeast corner of your map to find Rivet City and, once there, enter the Science Lab. The Intelligence Bobblehead awaits on Dr. Li’s desk.
Effect: Boosts your Intelligence rating a single point.

5. Luck Bobblehead
Location: Arlington Cemetary, Arlington House Basement
The Cemetary is somewhat difficult to find, located between North and South Arlington. Once you’re there, head into the Arlington House on the North end and down the stairs into the basement. The Luck Bobblehead sits on a shelf facing the stairs.
Effect: Boosts your Luck rating a single point.

6. Perception Bobblehead
Location: Republic of Dave, Museum of Dave
Journey North and East until you find the Republic of Dave. Once in, look for the Museum and you’ll find the Perception Bobblehead resting comfortably on a shelf to your right.
Effect: Boosts your Perception rating a single point.

7. Strength Bobblehead
Location: Megaton, Lucas Simm’s house
Lucas’ house is a pathetic dwelling located to the right just inside Megaton’s city limits. Unfortunately the house is locked so you’ll have to get ahold of the key in one of four ways: Pickpocket the key from Lucas himself, kill Lucas and take the key or pick the lock.

The fourth and more creative route is to accept the quest to blow up Megaton from the guy in the Saloon. Immediately afterwards, tell Lucas about the guy’s plot and follow Lucas as he confronts the man. Lucas will be whacked by the man and the key will be yours.

Once in the house, head upstairs to Lucas’ bedroom, the one on your immediate left. You’ll find the Strength Bobblehead poised on a desk for the taking.
Effect: Boosts your Strength rating a single point.

8. Barter Bobblehead
Location: Evergreen Mills, Market Bazaar
Look for Smiling Jack in the Bazaar and you’ll find a room nearby. In this room is an old beat up wall shelf unit with the Barter Bobblehead sitting on the upper right shelf.
Effect: Boosts your Barter rating by 10 points.

9. Big Guns Bobblehead
Location: Fort Constantine, CO Quaters
In the Southwest Corner of Fort Constantine is the CO Quaters building. Enter the building and immediately find the stairs to the basement. Next, find the safe and the Big Guns Bobblehead inside it.
Effect: Boosts your Big Guns rating by 10 points.

10. Energy Weapons Bobblehead
Location: Raven Rock, Weapons Facility
Colonel Autumn left the Energy Weapons Bobblehead sitting on his desk at the Weapons Facility. It is located in area 2B and must be acquired before entering area 2C.
Effect: Boosts your Energy Weapons rating by 10 points.

11. Explosives Bobblehead
Location: Raven Rock, Weapons Facility
Due South of Fort Constantine is WKML Broadcast Station, or what’s left of it. Enter via the Sealed Cistem and find the Explosives Bobblehead just to the right of a desk in the sewer just below.
Effect: Boosts your Explosives rating by 10 points.

12. Lockpick Bobblehead
Location: Bethesda Ruins, Bethesda Offices East
Make sure you’re in the East Offices and not the West. Once in the East, head to the upper floor and find the Lockpick Bobblehead on a desk lit by a lantern.
Effect: Boosts your Lockpick rating by 10 points.

13. Medicine Bobblehead
Location: Vault 101, Father’s Desk
The Medicine Bobblehead is likely the first you’ll come across, resting comfortably on your dad’s desk during the tutorial. Be sure to grab it for its important effect.
Effect: Boosts your Agility rating by 10 points.

14. Melee Weapons Bobblehead
Location: Dunwich Building, Underground Chamber
The Dunwich Building is a maze of varying levels but don’t worry. Traversing it successfully will reveal the Melee Weapons Bobblehead on the ground in an underground chamber just before the exit.
Effect: Boosts your Melee rating by 10 points.

15. Repair Bobblehead
Location: Arefu, Evan King’s house
Evan King’s house in Arefu, Northwest of Vault 101, requires an average lockpick to gain access. The Repair Bobblehead is located on a table just inside the door.
Effect: Boosts your Repair rating by 10 points.

16. Science Bobblehead
Location: Vault 106, Living Quarters
Head to the bottom floor Living Quaters and you’ll find the Science Bobblehead on a large metal shelf.
Effect: Boosts your Science rating by 10 points.

17. Small Guns Bobblehead
Location: National Guard Armory, Storage Room
Gaining access to the Armory is no small feat, but once you pull the switch and open the door, you’ll not only find the Small Guns Bobblehead sitting on a shelf but a huge cache of weapons as well.
Effect: Boosts your Small Guns rating by 10 points.

18. Sneak Bobblehead
Location: Yao Guai Tunnels, Yao Guai Den
These tunnels are long, winding and dark so you’ll need to stay focused to spot the Sneak Bobblehead. Be on the lookout for a large “Den” room with skeletons on the ground. In here is a file cabinet on the ground hiding the Sneak Bobblehead inside.
Effect: Boosts your Sneak rating by 10 points.

19. Speech Bobblehead
Location: Paradise Falls, Eulogy’s Pad
Head into the back area of Eulogy’s Pad and the Speech Bobblehead can be found sitting on a table.
Effect: Boosts your Speech rating by 10 points.

20. Unarmed Bobblehead
Location: Rockopoplis, Next to Argyle’s body
Find Smith Casey’s Garage on the map and head due west. That’s the only way to find Rockopoplis where this Bobblehead is hanging out. Once you find the rock entrance, look for Argyle’s body (i.e. bones) on the ground and the Unarmed Bobblehead just above his head.
Effect: Boosts your Unarmed rating by 10 points.

Good luck finding them all! You’ll likely need it.

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