Evil Dead Red Band Trailer Arrives; Sam Raimi Impressed with Remake

Evil Dead Red Band Trailer Arrives; Sam Raimi Impressed with RemakeIt’s always a promising sign when the creator of an original work not only endorses a remake, as Sam Raimi has with the upcoming Evil Dead flick, but also produces the film. He seems to have a pulse on what fans are looking for and chose a director to bring an updated version of the cult classic to life with enough nods to the original and new risks taken.

This new red band trailer proves Fede Alvarez held nothing back in bringing Evil Dead back to the big screen. There are some seriously sick and twisted scenes at work, some plucked from the 1981 original and others taking the property to new levels of grossness. There looks to be no shortage of scares and plenty of horrific energy stemming from Alvarez’s direction.

Raimi, the original’s director who co-produced the remake along fellow original co-producer Robert G. Tapert and star Bruce Campbell, claims “I never saw so clearly in my life the right guy for the job when I met him” in referring to Alvarez. Raimi also says he is “really impressed” with the finished product and can’t wait for horror and genre fans to check it out.

For now we’ll have to live with the red band trailer and its gallons of blood, rape by vine, split tongue make out, and other memorable moments too many to mention.

Evil Dead stars Jane Levy and arrives in theaters on April 12, 2013. I wouldn’t recommend eating a full meal before seeing it.

Source: LA Times

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