E3 2006 Booth Babes Gallery: Round Three

Round three of our TMR E3 2006 booth babe gallery has some of our personal favorites in it… including the brunette in the Playlogic trio and the “too-hot-be-Medusa” Medusa. There’s only one more gallery to go after this one, so enjoy them now.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out round 1 and round 2 of the E3 2006 Booth Babes tour, or take a trip back a year for the 2005 gallery. For a further trip down memory lane, check out the 2004 gallery when the TMR staff were just popping their E3 cherries.

Is that duct tape?

“Which ball should I put in my mouth?”

They want to look smart for some reason.


It must have been 200 degrees in that outfit, and that smile never wavered once.

What’s IGN?

Let me check my pole position…

“I see the perfect spot where we can inject him.”

Hotness trifecta.

The End

Stay tuned for the final Booth Babes gallery!

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