Dishonored ‘Path to Revenge’ Trailer Lets You Choose the Path

Dishonored 'Path to Revenge' Trailer Lets You Choose the PathBethesda’s Dishonored is almost here and stands poised to sneak up on the gaming industry and become a sleeper hit this holiday shopping season. It’s a fun game, folks, and one that should not be missed.

To help you understand how Dishonored’s unique gameplay mechanics work, Bethesda has released a new interactive ‘Path to Revenge’ trailer (best watched in full-screen) that presents a scenario of having to get by some guards from a high position. Here is where the trailer and game get cool. You can choose to sneak up on the guards, attack them directly, or use a Blink magic spell to move past them faster than their eyes can see, with whatever choice you make opening up a new video.

After getting by those guards there are even more to deal with and another “choose your own adventure” decision to make. You can distract the guards, sneak into the sewers, or climb high above as different means of getting around them.

As a little added incentive to make your way through the maze of Dishonored videos that begin by watching the first one below, Bethesda has planted some hidden giveaways somewhere in them so be on the lookout.

Dishonored makes its Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC debut next Tuesday, October 9.

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