Christopher Nolan Discusses IMAX Over 3D for The Dark Knight Rises

Few men in Hollywood have the influence and power to dictate to a major motion picture studio how they want to shoot their film. Thankfully for us, one of them is in charge of the Batman franchise and has put his foot down on the current 3D craze.

Earlier today Hero Complex broke the news that Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3 would be called “The Dark Knight Rises” and that it would be shot in 2D instead of the 3D technology studios are favoring for their big blockbusters. “We want the look and feel of the film to be faithful to what has come before in the first two films,” Nolan said in his interview. “There was a large canvas and operatic sweep to The Dark Knight and we want to make a film that will carry on with that look and feel.”

Nolan goes on to reiterate that he wants to complete the story he began with the same consistency from Batman Begins through The Dark Knight Rises. His fear is that 3D offers an “intimacy” and he’d lose the sense of scale achieved with the IMAX sequences such as the Joker bank robbery and Hong Kong kidnapping sequence if switching to that format.

Will the cash cow Harry Potter franchise bowing next summer, Warner Bros. can ill afford to lose box office dollars if moviegoers are put off by the Batman send-off film being in 3D. They clearly learned from their Clash of the Titans rush 3D job when scuttling plans to release Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 in 3D a couple weeks ago. Bowing to Nolan’s wishes is further proof that Warner is not willing to sacrifice quality over the potential of additional 3D revenue.

Source: Hero Complex

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