CEDIA: Panasonic Announces PT-AE3000 1080p Projector

At CEDIA today, Panasonic formally announced the PT-AE2000’s successor will be none other than the appropriately named PT-AE3000.

The PT-AE3000 will feature 1,600 lumen brightness and an impressive 60,000:1 contrast ratio at full brightness.

New features include Frame Creation Technology optimized for large screen viewing and a Lens Memory Load function capable of memorizing and restoring zoom/focus positions for multiple aspect ratio flexibility.

With the Frame Creation Technology, users have the ability to set their frame count preference to 120 frames/1 sec from 60 frames/1 sec for 60Hz video signal input, while 24frames/sec (24p) signals are quadrupled to 96frames/1sec by interpolating three additional frames to allow natural frame-to-frame transitions. This should cut down on “motion blurring” often plaguing LCD display devices.

Three HDMI 1.3 inputs and two component input terminals will be included, along with popular PT-AE2000 features such as power management and a split-screen mode to preview settings adjustments.

The PT-AE3000 will begin arriving at dealers this October with an MSRP of $3,499.

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