Bill and Ted 3 Update From Keanu Reeves

Bill and Ted 3 rumblings have been bouncing around Hollywood for seemingly ages. The original’s writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, as well as stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, have all been quoted as being interested in continuing the franchise and doing whatever it takes to ensure that happens.

Within the past year, rumors of Bill and Ted going on a third excellent adventure have been heating up. Reeves was quoted last September as saying Matheson and Solomon planned to take a stab at a script, and Winter stated the third adventure would not be “bogus” as if its arrival was inevitable.

The latest updated on Bill and Ted 3 circles back to Reeves whose post-Bill and Ted stardom from The Matrix and Speed would help sell another rad adventure. In speaking with MTV on April 4, 2011, Reeves said the writers are only six weeks away from delivering a first draft of a Bill and Ted 3 script.

Reeves went on to talk about the plot of Bill and Ted 3 revolving around the dufus duo and the Wyld Stallyns’ becoming obsessed with writing the ultimate song that will save the world, something they never quite accomplished in the previous films. There would be a time travel element back to some point in the past as well, but then Reeves cut himself off before divulging one too many details and incurring the wrath of his writing team.

Sadly, George Carlin, who portrayed Rufus in the first two films, passed away in 2008. The passing of Rufus in the third film could figure into Bill and Ted pushing so hard to live up to the hype their teacher showered them with.

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