Alternate Battle: Los Angeles Trailer with New Alien Footage

Yesterday a new trailer quietly appeared for Battle: Los Angeles and unless I’m losing my mind, there’s some fantastic new alien footage sprinkled in it. Set the very cool Super Bowl spot aside and redirect all your Battle: LA attention to what’s embedded below.

There’s a few things I’ve picked up on after watching this two-minute trailer several times consecutively. Those donut-shaped smoke clouds in the sky appear to be caused by the alien ships/pods slamming on the breaks just before crashing into the ocean. I had originally thought they were the effect of some sort of artillery.

There’s also an awesome shot of an alien tank that has a pair of aliens on top of it, each manning a gunner station. The tank slams its breaks and whips to face the camera where the marines are holed up. Watch the trailer carefully and there are quite a few shots revealing the alien infantry in them.

I’ve got a neat Battle: Los Angeles interview piece coming next so be sure to check back for the goods to help get ready for the alien invasion in theaters on March 11.


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