Afro Samurai Guide: Mementos Locations

The cigar chomping, foul-mouthed Afro Samurai makes his next-gen videogame debut on Xbox 360 and PS3 with a flurry of killer moves and enough blood splattering gore to make Freddy and Jason flash a thumbs up. Unlocking all the killer combo moves takes more than beating the final boss.

Each of Afro Samurai’s seven levels hides five mementos within its confines. These mementos are spotted as a small group of crows sitting on the ground minding their own business.

Running through the group of crows sends them scurrying to the sky and subsequently flashes an image of your “father’s” face. Collecting all five within a level unlocks a unique combo move.

All of the combo unlockables and 35 Mementos locations are outlined below by level. In addition to unlocking a combo, an Xbox 360 Achievement awaits for clearing all the Mementos in a level.

Level 1: Daimyo’s Story

Memento 1: You start on a bridge and the memento is right there with you.

Memento 2: Head through the main castle’s gate and search the left side before entering the castle itself.

Memento 3: After turning the hands on the large clock to create a bridge going up, cross the bridge and search the room nooks on the far side before proceeding.

Memento 4: You’ll enter a room with four kickable levers in the corners. Go on top of the platform in one corner before exiting the room.

Memento 5: An outdoor rickety staircase leads to the boss battle. Halfway up it look for a break in the stairs and an area to the side which hides the Memento.

Level 2: School Invasion

Memento 1: The master will order you to follow a path to sound the giant alarm bell. The path has a fork. Explore the route Ninja Ninja does not appear.

Memento 2: Just after the bell is a large training area with archery targets along two walls. The memento rests on the end of a row of targets.

Memento 3: Before you close the school’s main gate, be sure to explore the wall’s other side.

Memento 4: Pay attention to the cut-scene setting up Otsuru’s rescue. Within this scene is the location of the Memento which must be grabbed before the rescue.

Memento 5: The rock path is full of high vertical walls. Keep an eye open for a shaft that you can run up to locate a pillar where the memento rests.

Level 3: Okiku’s Story

Memento 1: You start the level at Okiku’s home where there is a garden. There’s a memento in the garden.

Memento 2: Follow a forest path that goes under a bamboo bridge. An abandoned home rests at the end of this path and the memento is in front of it.

Memento 3: Pay attention to the cut-scene that shows you how to access the first robot tunnel. Follow this same path and find the memento under a large drooping tree branch along the way.

Memento 4: Before reaching the second tunnel you’ll be in a town. Explore each street as the memento is at the end of a deadend street near the second tunnel.

Memento 5: Look above the third robot tunnel for a rock ledge that houses the final memento in this level.

Level 4: Low Down East Pass

Memento 1: There’s a sniper taking pot shots in the quarry. Near him on the ground is the memento.

Memento 2: The quarry with two annoying machine guns has a high wooden wall. Look on the top of the platform on this wall after going up the shaft next to it.

Memento 3: Another quarry has scores of mine cart tracks. Search the ground here for a memento.

Memento 4: The last quarry is where you’ll meet the Lady Assassin. Beating her requires cutting three ropes. The memento is near one of the ropes.

Memento 5: Just before entering the boss room stands a goddess statue. Look up on her highest shoulder for the memento.

Level 5: Doppelganger’s Story

Memento 1: Look behind your starting point for a damaged bridge where the memento rests.

Memento 2: Wall climb the first broken elevator, then look on top of it.

Memento 3: Locate the first sniper and take him out. The small island he was camped out on has the memento.

Memento 4: Keep an eye out for wooden platforms above the area where you battle 3 waves on the cliff side after the second collapsing bridge. Check up there before moving on.

Memento 5: The second broken elevator doesn’t house the memento, but the open ice field after it does.

Level 6: Kuma’s Story

Memento 1: Start the level and turn right up the path. The memento is up here.

Memento 2: You’ll battle Kuma multiple times in this level. Keep an eye out for a collection of tombstones after one of the battles. A memento is on the path admidst them.

Memento 3: Another Kuma battle is fought on a large snowy arena. First fight off Kuma then collect the memento from the arena’s edge before proceeding to the red tower.

Memento 4: Be sure to explore the sides of the ship’s deck before ascending to face Kuma yet again.

Memento 5: Also explore each end of the ship’s deck for another memento.

Level 7: Empty Seven’s Story

Memento 1: You’ll find an altar in the first room. The memento is sitting in the corner.

Memento 2: Before flipping the switch to go fight heavily armed Brother Six on the tower’s ground level, search around the gears for the memento.

Memento 3: You have to cross several bars when trying to access the area to fight Empty Seven’s Brother Three’s minions. Take it slow and keep looking down after each bar for a lowered block where the memento is.

Memento 4: Again in the same spot on the tower’s ground level, now go to the switch on the left to fight Empty Seven’s Brother One. Enemies come out of doors along the way. Check near these doors.

Memento 5: Along this same path, the final memento is just outisde the entrance to the final boss battle area.

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