Afrika for PS3 is Bound for North America

The once Japan exclusive PS3 game Afrika will be coming stateside after all.

National Geographic had previously abandoned plans to release the game as National Geographic: Africa in North America. Now publisher Natsume has stepped up to bat and will release the game as simply Afrika in North America this fall.

Afrika puts you in the shoes of a freelance photographer tasked with exploring a new conservation area. You’ll use your camera to document natural behavior such as “titanic clash between hippopotamuses, a pride of lions watching over its playful cubs, and a cheetah’s lightning-fast chase as it runs down its prey!”

Your photographs will be scored based on strict criteria applied to professional photographs. Money is paid for solid photographs which can be used to purchase new lensesm cameras and various safari equipment.

As you can see from the image above, painstaking efforts have gone into recreating Africa’s wildlife, flora and environments in photorealistic detail.

Since the game was co-produced by National Geographic, a well of information in the game comes straight from the longtime magazine publisher. In addition, prized photos taken in the game might end up on the cover of a virtual in-game edition of the magazine.

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