2K Sports Confirms NBA and NHL Games For PS3 Launch

2K Sports has announced ‘NBA 2K7’ and ‘NHL 2K7’ for Playstation 3 will be on store shelves November 17 to coincide with the console’s debut. Additional information from the press release is below.

“NBA 2K7, the #1-rated basketball video game series for five-straight years* storms the court with the finest next-generation basketball experience on the PLAYSTATION 3 system with high definition quality visuals with full 1080p support, improved Signature Style animations, and new free-throw shooting using the exclusive PLAYSTATION 3 system SIXAXIS wireless controller to bring fans closer to the NBA experience.

NHL 2K7 breaks away from the competition bringing stunning realism and authenticity as the only NHL video game at launch for the PLAYSTATION 3 system. Boasting new enhanced graphic details and improved responsive gameplay, NHL 2K7, featuring San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton, utilizes the exclusive PLAYSTATION 3 system SIXAXIS wireless controller in two key features. When using Crease Control™ – NHL 2K7’s unique goalie perspective feature – goalie movements are tied to the SIXAXIS wireless controller. Also, players can check opponents by quickly moving the PLAYSTATION 3 system SIXAXIS wireless controller toward the direction of opposing players, bringing a fresh unique hockey experience on the PLAYSTATION 3 system.

In addition to promising gamers the richest, most enthralling sports experience to date with NBA 2K7 and NHL 2K7 on the PLAYSTATION 3 system, both titles will also be offering their entire suite of features found in the other console versions of these 2K Sports titles. As pioneers of online console gaming, 2K Sports is also proud to offer full online support to both titles including seamless online play, tournament options, and online leagues featuring live fantasy draft.”

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