The Founder Trailer: Michael Keaton Fired Up About McDonald’s

The Founder Trailer

Our first look at The Founder movie starring Michael Keaton debuted this past week in trailer form and it succeeds in spades at heightening interest in the story of a milkshake maker salesman who would turn McDonald’s into a household name and American institution.

Like any success story there are bumps along the road. The story behind Facebook as brilliantly told in The Social Network shed insight into how Mark Zuckerberg stepped on many toes and borrowed ideas from others to launch the successful online juggernaut. Likewise, in The Founder, Ray Croc (Keaton) was not the man who opened the first McDonald’s nor came up with the concept of truly “fast food”.

Croc had the vision to turn a small idea into a big one, much like Zuckerberg did with the idea of a social network, and maneuvered himself into a position where he could wrestle control from the company away from the McDonald brothers who started it. His success still reigns today decades after his death.

Watch The Founder trailer below and look for it in theaters starting August 5th. I also recommend you read up on Ray Croc as well as Mac and Dick McDonald for a little further insight into the franchise’s history.

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