Star Wars: The Force Awakens Look at New PZ-4CO Protocol Droid

PZ-4CO protocol droid

Meet PZ-4CO, a new droid that will debut in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Little is known about this presumably protocol droid given his — or her? — body similarities to C-3PO. What stands out about this droid is the beefy elongated neck.

PZ-4CO should tower over C-3PO and the other human cast members such as Princess Leia. There are theories floating around suggesting PZ-4CO is the personal protocol droid of Leia, and that would leave C-3PO with either a new owner or new duties.

The first film image of PZ-4CO comes from a cereal box as reported by Making Star Wars. PZ-4CO stands in what may be a corner of the Resistance base that is full of various Star Wars-y looking crates.

For you toy collectors out there, Hasbro will be releasing a 3-3/4″ action figure of PZ-4CO next month (pictured above).

Here’s two slightly different color versions of the PZ-4CO still from the cereal box as well as another look at BB-8 on the Falcon and a Mouse Droid that will complete the Star Wars trilogy trifecta having appeared in the Prequel and Original trilogy.

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