Star Wars: Episode VII Stormtrooper Helmets and More Leaked

There’s a lot of movement on the Star Wars: Episode VII spoilers front that exploded over the past 12 hours with new concept art and prop imagery that leaked into the Internet. As a result, we have what is probably the first look at the new and improved Star Wars: Episode VII Stormtrooper helmets, a new type of Snowtrooper, and description of a third Stormtrooper unlike anything that has been seen in the Star Wars universe to date. J.J. Abrams cannot be pleased.

The leak parade began last night when Indie Revolver shared two pieces of Star Wars: Episode VII concept art. This imagery was originally met with skepticism given they came from an unnamed source, but obvious nods to Ralph McQuarrie’s original Star Wars concept art and the professionalism of the new art weren’t easy to dismiss.

The first piece of artwork depicts what appears to be a new generic Stormtrooper helmet. It is a more streamlined version of the Original Trilogy helmet, almost as if it had been passed through a Disney Tron or Apple filter. I would expect technology and design to evolve in the 30 years between Return of the Jedi and Episode VII and this design definitely reflects progression to an era more aligned with our own.

Star Wars Episode VII Stormtrooper Concept Art

The second piece of concept artwork depicts a new type of Stormtrooper that needs more aggressive breathing assistance. Indie Revolver originally referred to him as a Jungletrooper, but that has since been revised to a new Snowtrooper design. More on that below.Star Wars: Episode VII Snowtrooper Concept Art

Not long after these two images were leaked, a user at, a large movie prop replica community, shared an additional image of the generic Stormtrooper helmet. Only his image was of an actual physical prop, and there were clearly more around this prop on a table extending beyond the crop lines.

This user claims to have seen several new trooper designs, Han Solo’s outfit, and other “cool stuff.” The Stormtrooper image his source allowed him to leak validates his claims, and hopefully we’ll see some more spoilers to come.

Star Wars: Episode VII Stormtrooper Helmet Image

Following this barrage of new imagery, scoop website Latino Review chimed in to clarify some details about these helmets and add more spoilers to the pot. Their sources verify that the sleek new Stormtrooper helmets are in fact for the generic troopers that will be most prevalent throughout Star Wars: Episode VII. They also confirm that the second trooper is a Snowtrooper that will be on an snowy planet, and that their weapon of choice is a flamethrower — hence the gas mask-looking appendages on his chin.

LR also claims that there’s at least one more type of Stormtrooper that will be chrome or black-like in appearance. The reason for this dramatic facade is that this Stormtrooper has the ability to cloak. Maybe it will take a Jedi to “sense” these guys sneaking around and wreaking havoc on our heroes.

More spoilers are coming from Latino Review later today including a “mystery box” that they claim will capture all the attention from the Star Wars: Episode VII Stormtrooper helmets. Bring it on.

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