Star Wars Episode VII Spoilers: JJ Abrams Offers Tease via Apple Watch Note

Apple may have stolen all the Internet thunder earlier today with their iPhone 6, Apple Watch and Apply Pay announcements, but that didn’t stop Star Wars: Episode VII director J.J. Abrams from dropping his own little bombshell with one swift stroke.

Apparently the Apple Watch announcement made its way to Abrams on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII and he liked what he saw. In fact, Abrams liked it so much that he broke out his now infamous personalized notepaper to share his reaction via the Bad Robot Twitter feed and drop a pretty substantial Star Wars: Episode VII spoiler the same time.

What Abrams wrote isn’t all that interesting when viewed as mere words, “Why do I suddenly have this desperate need to own a WATCH? Damn you, Apple!!! JJ” However, look beyond the words and the paper and anyone even vaguely familiar with Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope will pick up on an Imperial theme.

The note appears to be sitting on a black glossy table, not unlike the Death Star conference room table where Vader uses his Force choke for the first time and Grand Moff Tarkin has to call him off. The table surface shows the reflection of vertical light panels on a wall that are eerily similar to those seen throughout the Death Star.

Beyond the rampant Star Wars: Episode VII spoilers speculation focusing on Inquisitors, this is the first substantial evidence that the Empire appears to be alive and well in the film. Either that or someone has taken over their building or mimicked their architecture, but odds are favorable the Imperial way of life is alive and kicking 30 years removed from Return of the Jedi.

As production rolls along on Star Wars: Episode VII with Harrison Ford back on set after his broken leg injury, every day brings us one day closer to the first Star Wars: Episode VII trailer.

Star Wars: Episode VII spoilers

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