Leonardo DiCaprio is Reborn with Purpose in Second The Revenant Trailer

Leonardo DiCaprio finds a new life purpose in the second The Revenant trailer from director Alejandro G. Iñárritu. Apart from playing like a sizzle reel for an Academy Award nomination or five, this new The Revenant trailer should not be watched by anyone with a fear of giant grizzly bears.

The first The Revenant trailer was deliberately high on intensity and slighted in terms of plot. We understood that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character was seeking revenge against Tom Hardy’s character, but the exact reasons why were as murky as the cold and barren landscape.

This new trailer opens up the plot and spoilers a little to reveal that DiCaprio was injured by a massive grizzly bear and in poor health. Rather than spend time and resources trying to heal the wounded member of his party, Tom Hardy decides to kill off DiCaprio and bury him in the ground.

Only DiCaprio survives, discovers something even more horrific that Hardy did, and he’s now out for revenge after having experienced near death up close and way too personal.

Iñárritu won Best Director at the Academy Awards last year for Birdman and it looks like he’s after a repeat win with some of the majestic shots and gritty acting this trailer conveys. Though I do question why Twentieth Century Fox is releasing this cold hearted film on Christmas Day of all days.

Second The Revenant trailer

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