James Bond Spectre Trailer Pries into 007’s Past: Watch Now

The first James Bond Spectre trailer made landfall on the Internet Friday to deliver a cryptic message about where 007’s (Daniel Craig) next mission will take him, both emotionally and physically.

Spectre makes a concerted effort to build upon Skyfall by presenting James Bond with previously unknown documents found in the rubble of the former Skyfall manor that his parents once owned. This evidence, that may shed light onto what happened to Bond’s real parents, takes him on an adventure into the Alps and into the crosshairs of a mysterious man named Oberhauser, played by the deliciously great villainous character actor Christolph Waltz.

As Bond battles in the snow and Mexico City, he eventually comes face-to-face with Oberhauser and he get our first shadowy glimpse at the film’s villain, who many believe will turn out to be the classic Bond villain Blofeld. If he isn’t Blofeld then why call the film Spectre, the name of Blofeld’s organization whose logo is depicted on a ring in the Spectre trailer?

For now, MGM and Columbia Pictures are referring to Waltz’s villain as Oberhauser so we’ll go with that.

Spectre is directed by Sam Mendes and will arrive in theaters on November 6, 2015.


James Bond Spectre Trailer

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