Finding Dory Characters and Story Details Reveal an Unexpected Setting

Finding Dory characters

Finding Dory has a lot more swimming to accomplish at Pixar before it graces the big screen in 2016. With development already well underway, Pixar Studios decided to let a few details out into the wild that paint a basic picture of what the Finding Nemo sequel will be like. Beware because there are Finding Dory spoilers in this report so proceed at your own risk.

According to Pixar Studios President Jim Morris, who obviously should be considered an authority on all Finding Dory matters, the film will follow Dory, Nemo and Marlin on a quest to discover where Dory came from and who her parents were. Where they end up is not at all what any of them expected.

Their journey will take them to the Marine Biology Institute of California where the majority of the film will be set. Dory will learn that she was born in the institute and released into the wild as a wee little fish. This is pure speculation, but I suspect that Dory will have to choose between staying at the institute or returning to the wild at some point in the film.

Mr. Morris also revealed that some of the new Finding Dory characters will include an octopus, sea lions, and a beluga whale, the latter of whom is already confirmed to be voiced by Ty Burrell. Already cast to lend their voices to the film are Eugene Levy as Dory’s father and Diane Keaton as Dory’s mother.

I would be shocked if some of the other popular characters from Finding Nemo don’t swim their way into Finding Dory for at least a cameo appearance. Gil and his troupe are out in the ocean somewhere, Squirt might not be such the little sea turtle anymore, and Bruce the shark is always good for a well-mannered laugh.

Finding Dory is set for a June 17, 2016 release date.

Source: CBM

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