Darth Vader Glimpse in Olympics Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer

The wait for the Olympics Star Wars: Rogue One trailer on Thursday night was an excruciating. Lucasfilm and Disney deliberately placed the trailer featuring Felicity Jones and directed by Gareth Edwards toward the end of Olympics TV coverage on NBC, forcing many Star Wars fans with no sports interest to endure several hours of events.

When the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer finally dropped it was met with almost unanimous applause. All the concerns about extensive summer reshoots seemed to temporarily dissipate as the Rebels attacked various Imperial installations in hopes of stealing the Death Star plans.

This new trailer also gave us the droid K-2SO’s first dialogue voiced by Alan Tudyk. This former Imperial security droid definitely has a dry sense of humor as both his lines are played for comedic effect.

The Rogue One trailer’s money shot comes after the title card when we catch our first glimpse of Darth Vader in 11 years. The Sith Lord is seen from behind, starring at a familiar Death Star control room screen that shows the ultimate weapon’s firepower.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will arrive in theaters on December 16th. If YouTube comments are any indication there is still a small segment of the population out there that thinks this movie occurs after The Force Awakens.

Olympics Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer

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