Cara Delevingne Exudes Dark Magic in First Official Enchantress Suicide Squad Image

Cara Delevingne Enchantress

Up until now the only real Cara Delevingne Enchantress image from David Ayer’s Suicide Squad came in the big group shot where most of her body was obscured. We also got a glimpse of the Task Force X member in the Suicide Squad trailer, but it was less revealing than the team image.

Thanks to Empire’s ongoing alternate covers that will each feature a Task Force X member, we finally have a clear full body shot of Enchantress in all her provocative dark magic glory. Delevingne looks truly evil and possessed in this image, and as the actress explains, the character is an ancient sorceress who takes over the body of adventurer June Moone in a dark cave.

The Cara Delevingne Enchantress Empire cover joins the first cover reveal of Jared Leto as the Joker. They would make quite the pair to go out on a double date with.

Who is next, you wonder? I don’t know but my money is on Will Smith as Deadshot.

Cara Delevingne Enchantress high res

Source: Empire

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