Aquaman Was Maybe Superman’s Savior in Man of Steel

Aquaman, or more specifically Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) as Aquaman, has been rumored to make at least a cameo appearance in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for what feels like at least a year now. The real story might be Aquaman’s role in that film’s predecessor and Superman origin story, Man of Steel.

This rumor/report originated from the Meet the Movie Press podcast where The Wrap writer Jeff Sneider decided to share a juicy scoop he scored at the Toronto Film Festival. Apparently Sneider was attending a luncheon and sitting near a table with some Warner Bros. studio executives, and like any good journalist in that situation would do, he eavesdropped every possible word he could.

Apparently these executives were loudly talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and referenced a scene in Man of Steel as part of the discussion. They openly spoke about the scene in which Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) saves the oil rig workers and then plunges into the ocean as a result. As he becomes unconscious, at least two large whales are seen in the water just above him.

These executives claim that the whales were under the control of Aquaman who ordered them to save Clark and drag him ashore. We never see Aquaman in this scene, but his presence is implied and apparently this scene will be recreated for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to show it from Aquaman’s point of view.

Here’s the scene to refresh your memory:

Furthermore, the executives described Aquaman as a “buff Hawaiian guy covered in tribal tattoos,” which fits the Jason Momoa physique to a tee.

Before you go get all excited, keep in mind that his luncheon was full of reporters and surely any studio executive would realize this. They could have planted this story for giggles to see if Sneider would run with it, and he did. In other words, take it with a grain or two of salt.

Here’s the podcast in full with the Aquaman bit starting around the 29:45 mark. The original scoop comes from Latino Review.

Man of Steel Aquaman

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