Watch Star Wars Battlefront Leaked Alpha Footage While it Lasts

Someone managed to capture a direct feed of Star Wars Battlefront leaked alpha footage and has shared it with the world on YouTube. That means EA will rip it down soon, so you better watch it below while it’s still around.

Whoever foolishly broke their Alpha agreement with EA is playing as a Snow Trooper during the Battle of Hoth. They are tasked with shutting down an uplink,  meaning they need to gun down pesky Rebel Soldiers guarding it.

Watch through the entire ~five minutes worth of Star Wars Battlefront Alpha gameplay footage and you’ll spy a little AT-ST action and an AT-AT explode as well.

The footage is likely running on a PC and definitely running on a GTX 4gb i5 2500k PC at 60FPS. Star Wars Battlefront is also coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

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