Sony PS4 Sales Reach 10 Million, Nintendo 3DS Sales Top 40 Million

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that PS4 sales recently topped 10 million units sold. Almost simultaneously, Nintendo has announced that the wildly successful 3DS handheld gaming device just topped 40 million units sold in the United States alone.

PlayStation 4 consoles were outselling Microsoft’s new-gen console at a two or three-to-one clip last holiday season when it and Xbox One were introduced to the market within a week of one another. The success of PS4 forced Microsoft to drop the Kinect motion-control peripheral from the Xbox One package and offer a $399 version to even the pricing war. You can still buy an Xbox One with Kinect for $100 more, but software support will suffer from it no longer being mandatory.

Nintendo’s 3DS sales continue to thrive several years after its introduction.  It is regularly at the top or near the top of the best selling gaming devices each month. To date, nine 3DS titles have sold at least one million copies each in the U.S.

Wii U sales are still sluggish and Nintendo isn’t touting them at this time. However, Mario Kart 8 sales just crossed 1 million units to become the second Wii U game to reach the milestone, the first being New Super Mario Bros. U with 1.69 million units sold.

PS4 Sales 10 Million

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