Skylanders Swap Force Characters Detailed: Zoo Lou, Grilla Drilla, Boom Jet and Slobber Tooth

The arrival of Gamescom in Cologne, Germany has given Activision a perfect opportunity to reveal a handful of new Skylanders Swap Force characters. You may have seen Boom Jet, Slobber Tooth, Zoo Lou and Grilla Drilla before, but I doublt you’ve seen them this clearly, and with a cool vignette for each to boot.

With Skylanders Swap Force now under two months away from release, we’re drawing closer to receiving our review copy and being able to dive in head first and catch up with Kaos and his latest evil plan to rule Skylands with Glumshanks at his side. Everything we’ve seen so far, from the initial reveal at Toy Fair through to E3 this past June, has completely won us over on the Swap Force concept. Wait until you get your hands on it; there’s a ton of fun to be had for parents and kids alike.

It’s important to note that the 15 screenshots to be found at the conclusion of this article were taken from the Xbox One and PS4 builds of the game. These next-gen versions are sharper graphically than their Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts. The only downside is they won’t be available until those consoles launch in mid-November (the PS4 release date is confirmed to be November 15). Both Sony and Microsoft have included Skylanders Swap Force in their list of new console launch titles.

The Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii and 3DS versions of Skylanders Swap Force will arrive in stores on October 13. You can place your Skylanders Swap Force pre-order here for the current or next-gen versions of the game.

Zoo Lou (Life Element Skylander)
Zoo Lou is a ____ (fill in the blank as your animal species guess is as good as mine) core Skylander who can use his staff to summon ghostly animals to do his bidding. As the key art below shows, he has the ability to summon a boar which can be ridden around bull-style, a wolf, and what appears to be an eagle or some other kind of predatory bird.

Slobber Tooth (Earth Element Skylander)
Slobber Tooth has a big tail and the desire to use it. He also has overactive salivary glands that throws his slobber about, hence the name. I’m thinking this core Skylander is a dinosaur of some sort but again, your guess is as good as mine.

Grilla Drilla (Life Element Swap Force Skylander)
Grilla Drilla is one of my personal favs. First, you can never go wrong with monkeys as Donkey Kong has proven time and time again. Second, his bottom Swap Force half – the drill portion – splits in two to reveal his legs which he can walk on. How cool is that? Plus, check out his cool attack revealed in the vignette below.

Boom Jet (Air Element Swap Force Skylander)
Boom Jet moves with swagger as he glides across Skylands. This Swaplander looks a little bit like Kurt Warner about to hit former Rams wide receiver Isaac Bruce in the corner of the end zone with that bomb cocked back while sporting blue and gold duds, doesn’t he?

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