Skylanders Sidekicks Won’t Play Like Skylanders Minis (Updated)

Skylanders Sidekicks

Update: There’s been some online push back in regards to the validity of this article and how the Skylanders Sidekicks will function in Trap Team based on information posted elsewhere. Although the source for the article is within the Skylanders publicity team, I will be seeking additional confirmation and/or denial immediately to hopefully set the record straight. As such, take the following with a grain of salt.

Original article: I have some bad news for Skylanders Sidekicks figure owners that were hoping the recent Skylanders Minis announcement would breathe extra life into their pint-sized Skylander companions.

We have confirmed with an Activision representative that the Skylanders Sidekicks figures will not have the same playable abilities as their newer Skylanders Minis versions. The Sidekicks will work the same way in Skylanders Trap Team as they have in Skylanders Giants and Skylanders Swap Force — as  tagalong partners only.

The reason for Sidekicks not working like Minis is simple logistics. Skylanders figures store gameplay data on the chips embedded in their base. The Sidekicks’ chips are not capable of storing the data for gameplay, while the Minis chips are.

The silver lining is that — in theory — you could have the Sidekicks version of Barkley with the orange base tagging along the Minis version of Barkley with the red base. I’ll test that out as soon as I have Skylanders Trap Team in hand.

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