Skylanders Light and Dark Elements Expansion Packs Now Available at Toys “R” Us

Skylanders Dark and Light Elements

Skylands has undergone its first Elemental expansion since the Toys to Life franchise launched in 2011 with the introduction of the Skylanders Light and Dark Elements. These new elements, bearing a sun and moon symbol to reflect Light and Dark, respectively, arrived exclusively at Toys “R” Us stores yesterday in the form of two expansion packs priced at $29.99 each.

The Skylanders Trap Team Light Expansion Pack includes Knight Light, a new Trap Master Light Element character; the Light Hawk Trap; and the Sunscraper Spire expansion piece. Placing the Sunscraper Spire on the Portal of Power actives LightCore technology within the piece, the first appearance of this tech since Skylanders Swap Force. It also unlocks a new chapter that leads up to a villain confrontation with Luminous, a floating villain with an attitude problem.

The Skylanders Trap Team Dark Expansion Pack flips the tables by offering Knight Mare, a new Trap Master Dark Element character; the Dark Spider Trap; and the Midnight Museum expansion piece. This expansion toy also includes LightCore as a crystal in the center of it lights up when placed on the Portal of Power.

Both Knight Mare and Knight Light have glossy paint applications that were first introduced by Vicarious Visions with the Dune Bug core Skylander last year. The detail in Knight Light’s wings and the paint fading on Knight Mare are incredible for mass produced toys. These are hands down the two most striking Skylanders released thus far and have to be held in-hand in order to appreciate their craftsmanship.

For those wondering, it takes roughly 30 minutes to play through each of the two new chapters offered with the Skylanders Dark and Light Elements expansion packs. This includes clearing out the Elemental gates and defeating the final villain in each. I personally prefer ascending the Sunscraper Spire chapter myself with its continual changes in elevation, but the Midnight Museum has its merits, too, and unlocks my personal favorite — and fastest — villain to play with once completed.

There’s no official word yet on when the Skylanders Trap Team Dark Elemental expansion pack and Skylanders Trap Team Light Elemental expansion packs will be available at all retailers. I would suspect not until after Christmas, if not in early to mid January.

Here’s over 17 minutes of Let’s Play Skylanders Light and Dark Element gameplay from the official Skylanders YouTube channel.

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