Skylanders Trap Team Dark and Light Elements Release Date Revealed: High-Res Images, Screenshots and More

The Skylanders Trap Team Dark and Light Elements represent the first new Elements added to the Toys to Life franchise since the original eight were introduced in Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. As such they are hotly  anticipated, not only because of their unique designs, but because there are numerous Traptanium Portals and Villains in Skylanders Trap Team that require the new Elements in order to access.

The Light Element and Dark Element first leaked online around the time that Skylanders Trap Team was originally released. The 3DS version of the game neglected to hide the new Play Sets aligned with each Element. The only question remaining at the time was how many figures would be available for each new Element, what the new Elements would be called (“Sun” and “Moon” were the popular first guesses), and when they would be made available.

Early this morning Activision formally announced that the Skylanders Trap Team Light Element Quest Pack and Skylanders Trap Team Dark Element Quest Pack, priced at $29.99 each, will arrive exclusively at Toys “R” Us stores on Sunday, December 21, only four days before Christmas. Imagine how many kids will flip out on Christmas morning finding these under the tree? Hopefully many thousands.

I have gathered together an extensive collection of video and image assets for both the Dark and Light Elements that you can enlarge and browse below.

Light Element

The Light Element Quest Pack, also known as the Expansion Pack, includes three toy pieces: Knight Light (Trap Master) figure, the Light Hawk Trap, and the Sunscraper Spire quest. Within the quest is the villain Luminous, a member of the Doom Raiders who can be captured with the Light Hawk Trap.

The new core Light Element Skylander sold separately is the dragon Spotlight and I am still trying to confirm his or her release date.

Dark Element

The Dark Element Quest Pack includes three toys as well: Knight Mare (Trap Master) figure, the Dark Spider Trap, and the Midnight Museum quest. The villain lurking in the quest is Nightshade, and the new core Dark Element Skylanders sold separately is the dragon Blackout, whose release date I am also trying to confirm.

Skylanders Trap Team Light and Dark Element Screenshots

Here are a collection of screenshots for the Skylanders Trap Team Dark and Light Elements characters that can also be enlarged for high resolution viewing.

I will have both the Skylanders Trap Team Light and Dark quest packs in hand within the next 24 hours and will pass along initial impressions. I will also share pre-order links should they pop up between now and the Dark and Light Element release date of December 21.

Skylanders Trap Team Dark and Light Elements

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