Nintendo Switch First Time Use Official Startup Video

Nintendo Switch First Use

There are now countless Nintendo Switch unboxing videos and startup videos on YouTube and across the Internet, each offering its own commentary on the upcoming new home/mobile hybrid console.

Regardless of how many early videos exist, Nintendo wanted to put their own spin and polish on the steps required to get a new Nintendo Switch operational. They’ve done so with a new Switch first use video that walks through the initial startup and configuration process step-by-step.

What’s great about the video is even Nintendo doesn’t bother scrolling through the tedious terms and conditions. They simply check the box to accept the terms and move on, just like all of us always have and eventually will again.

Nintendo Switch arrives in stores this Friday, March 3rd. Pre-orders have long since been sold out, but some stores are expecting stock for midnight launches.

Our advice: if you must play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, just buy the Wii U version and wait for the initial Switch euphoria to die down. You might find a Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Odyssey bundle this Christmas for the same $300 a Switch by itself costs today.

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