LEGO Dimensions 2016: What Comes Out in September?

LEGO Dimensions 2016 September

We’re now a little over two weeks away from the September 27th release of new LEGO Dimensions 2016 product. Unlike last year there’s no new core game to replace. Instead, all the new LEGO Dimensions 2016 and early 2017 product are extensions of the existing game.

On September 27th you will be able to add six new LEGO Dimensions Story Packs, Level Packs or Fun Packs to your growing lineup. Every single one of them marks a new franchise making its LEGO Dimensions debut.

Expect maybe Ghostbusters, though technically the 2016 reboot movie is a new universe that lives and breathes completely separate from the original Ghostbusters film and characters.

Story Packs

A total of three new Story Packs are on the way in the LEGO Dimensions September 2016 wave of products.

The big one is the Ghostbusters Story Pack ($49.99) that comes with Abby Yates, Ecto-1 and a new Portal build of Zhu’s Chinese Restaurant. Also coming is the Adventure Time Level Pack ($29.99) with Finn the Human, the Jakemobile and Ancient War Elephant; and Mission Impossible Level Pack ($29.99) with Ethan Hunt, the IMF Scrambler and IMF Sport Car.

Team Packs

Two new LEGO Dimensions Team Packs join the growing roster. They are the Harry Potter Team Pack ($24.99 with Harry, Lord Voldemort, the Enchanted Car and Hogwart’s Express; and Adventure Time Team Pack ($24.99) with Lumpy Space Princess, Jake the Dog, Lumpy Car and BMO.

Fun Packs

A lot of fantastic LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs are on the way but only one will be available on September 27th. It is the A-Team Fun Pack ($11.99) with B.A. Baracus and B.A.’s Van.

Below is a great graphic with images of all the new LEGO Dimensions 2016 September launch products (click to enlarge).

LEGO Dimensions 2016 Pictures

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