Playable Iron Man Unlockable in Disney Infinity 2.0 Ultimate Spider-Man Play Set

Iron Man Unlockable

One of the neatest additions to Disney Interactive’s Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition is character crossover functionality, a much requested feature lacking on the original Disney Infinity game that will be sparingly used in the sequel. This means that a playable character would be available to use in more than one of the Play Sets.

Developer Avalanche Software is handling the idea of introducing crossovers with great care and restraint. There is no free-for-all where Meridia and Maleficent will be able to jump into The Avengers Play Set to thwart Loki’s Front Giant army from taking over the world. Only select characters will be able to crossover, and odds are favorable that those characters will be drawn exclusively from the Marvel universe.

The first confirmed crossover character is Iron Man per Marvel. His “home” Play Set is The Avengers and he will be available to play immediately with the purchase of the Starter Pack.

Avalanche has additionally made Iron Man unlockable as a playable character in the Ultimate Spider-Man Play Set. He won’t work when placed on the Infinity Base until 10 Iron Man tokens are collected in the Play Set. Once Iron Man is unlocked, he will have his own special mission within the Ultimate Spider-Man Play Set that has him interacting with an NPC-controlled White Tiger.

Though no other crossover characters have been formally announced, it’s a fairly safe bet that Nick Fury of the Ultimate Spider-Man Play Set will be unlockable in The Avengers Play Set, or at least I would be shocked if he wasn’t.

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