Halo 5 Blue Team Opening Cinematic from the Game’s Second Mission: Watch it Now

Microsoft has released another Halo 5 cinematic to further fuel the hype train powering Xbox One’s biggest exclusive this upcoming holiday season.

In the Halo 5 Blue Team opening cinematic, Master Chief joins his fellow Spartan IV soldiers as they navigate an asteroid field to board a massive derelict Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) research facility. There it is vital that the team eliminates Covenant zealots that have taken over the facility at all costs.

The cinematic illustrates how the Spartan II and Spartan IV’s differ from one another in their approach to diffusing a situation. Master Chief has devised a tactical plan and is precise in how he wants to execute it. The Spartan IV’s, armed with the latest tech and gear, are more overconfident gunslingers that want to rush in head first.

Halo 5 is arriving in stores October 27 exclusively on Xbox One. Are you ready to board the hype train?

Halo 5 Blue Team Opening Cinematic

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