Gamescom 2014 Rime Trailer for PS4 is Must-See

Sony and developer Tequila Works‘ upcoming  PlayStation 4 exclusive game, Rime, made its second consecutive Gamescom appearance today in the form of a nearly two-minute new trailer that will make you want to pick up the game and jump in yesterday.

The Gamescom 2014 Rime trailer paints a picture of a boy stranded on a mysterious island. He must escape this treacherous cursed place using his cunning skills and wit.

At first glance, especially considering the opening shot of the trailer sitting at water’s edge, Rime recalls the art style and adventure of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Ico. There’s a peacefulness to the design that doesn’t portend danger, yet you know danger likely lurks around every corner.

Based on nuggets of information scattered throughout the trailer, it looks as if Rime will play primarily in a third-person perspective but will shift to a top-down three-quarters perspective at times. The boy’s abilities include swimming, jumping, climbing, and using some sort of device to change day to night.

There are mysterious large “keyholes” on the island, for lack of a better term, that the boy seems to be trying to reach. The first spotted is on the beach, while the second resides atop a massive tower that the boy spends much of the trailer working toward.

Rime still has no release date but the consensus is that Tequila Works will finish it up and make it available sometime in 2015.

Gamescom 2014 Rime Trailer

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