How to Use DualShock 4 on PS3 Wireless

DualShock 4 PS3 Wireless

Many PlayStation 4 adopters held onto their PS3 consoles simply due to the lack of backward compatibility. There was no reason to ditch PS3 while owning an extensive library of exclusive games running the gamut from MLB The Show to Uncharted that could only be played on that console.

Sony had made the DualShock 4 controller released with PS4 backward compatible with PS3 from day one, allowing gamers to play their library of compatible PS3 games with the latest Sony gaming controller. But they did so with one annoying caveat: the controller had to be plugged into the USB port of PS3 or it would not work.

That restriction was lifted today so that you can use DualShock 4 on PS3 wireless for the same compatible games as before. Simply follow these simple instructions so that your DualShock 4 controller will show up on a PS3 console as a “Wireless Controller”:

  • Turn on PS3
  • Select¬†“Settings”
  • Select “Accessory Settings”
  • Select “Manage Bluetooth Devices”
  • While PS3 scans for devices, press and hold the DualShock 4 Share button until a connection is made


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