Disney Infinity 3.0 Inside Out Play Set Trailer and Details Reveal a Complex Platformer

Riley’s mind is a puzzle-filled playground in the Disney Infinity 3.0 Inside Out Play Set and today we got our first official assets from the upcoming new set and high resolution images of all the compatible Inside Out character toys.

In the Disney Infinity 3.0 Inside Out Play Set, players will take the reins of either Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust or Anger to face a major crisis head-on. It turns out that Riley has been dreaming about not-so-nice things after watching a scary movie just before bed. As a result her emotions will have to overcome puzzles, obstacles and more in Imagination Land to collect Riley’s misplaced memories and return them to the Long Term with the help of the Mind Workers. Got it? I’m sure that will make a lot more sense after seeing the new Pixar film.

You can now officially forget about the tiny, blurry figure images for the Inside Out Disney Infinity 3.0 figures that showed up on the package of a package from China. New high resolution images of each Disney Infinity 3.0 Inside Out character have arrived and each character will bring a unique skill set to the Play Set.

  • Joy – A ray of lighthearted, optimistic sunshine that brings cheer to every adventure.  She can glide across gaps the others can’t overcome.
  • Fear – Frightful bundle of nerves is the fastest runner.  He can cross bridges and platforms before they collapse.
  • Anger – Hot-headed powerhouse can cross beds of hot lava with ease.
  • Disgust – Always disgusted, she repels off the clouds letting her jump higher than anyone.
  • Sadness – Worrisome friend turns waves of sadness into melancholy fun, and can travel on clouds without them fading beneath her.

Joining the new figure images are a small collection of screenshots and the first Disney Infinity 3.0 Inside Out Play Set trailer. Though there’s no official release date yet, the expectation is that the Disney Infinity 3.0 Inside Out Play Set and figures will be available to purchase day-and-date with the game’s release.

The Disney Infinity 3.0 Inside Out Play Set combines 2D and 3D platforming with single or two-player cooperative support, and will be available to play in three different modes:

  • Clouds, which fade or emit lightning;
  • Musical platforms, which must be precisely timed in sync with the beat, and;
  • Gravity barriers, which flip the player and the world upside down.

Check out the first Disney Infinity 3.0 Inside Out Play Set trailer below.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Inside Out Play Set Trailer

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