Disney Infinity 2.0 It’s a Small World Facade Unlocked with Disney MagicBands

Disney Parks and Disney Interactive have teamed up once again to inject a little extra magic into this year’s Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box. The result is an unlockable It’s A Small World attraction facade tied directly to the Disney Parks MagicBands.

The way it works is anyone with a MagicBand from Walt Disney World and any console version of Disney Infinity 2.0 can simply tap the MagicBand to the Infinity Base. It doesn’t matter if the MagicBand was from last week or last year; any MagicBand will work.

Once the Infinity Base recognizes the MagicBand, the Disney Infinity Small World attraction will appear in the Toy Box, complete with the attraction’s signature music playing in the background. All you need to do to keep it there is save a Toy Box before turning the game off.

The Disney Infinity 2.0 It’s A Small World MagicBand trick marks the second time that Disney Interactive and Disney Parks have teamed up to offer a surprise. In last year’s Disney Infinity, the MagicBand unlocked the Dragon’s Gate in Toy Box mode. I’d say the odds are more than favorable that next year’s Disney Infinity 3.0 will also feature an attraction unlockable by a MagicBand.

Check out the Disney Infinity Small World screenshots below.

Disney Infinity It's a Small World

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