Assassin’s Creed Unity Preview: Co-Op And Customization

Assassin's Creed Unity Preview

Assassin’s Creed Unity is still three weeks away, and TheHDRoom is getting you ready for the next (re)evolution in the storied franchise with our series of previews. Today, we’re talking about the two newest features: customization and online multiplayer co-op.

First off, the customization feature is by far the greatest advancement of the series to date. Players can fully customize their Arno from the outfits he wears–including color schemes–to the weapons load out he uses. The hoods look amazing and the color palettes beg for unique styles to be experimented with and worn with the pride of the brotherhood at stake. I’ve seen some great player-character designs in games like Destiny and Diablo III, but Unity is poised to amp it up even more.


Players can change the look of their Arno, as evidenced by the green and blue hoods.

But Ubisoft wasn’t finished, as players can also adjust their Arno’s skills based on three separate classes: stealth, combat, or parkour. Players can focus on one class, or a mixture of the classes, and find the right balance for how they play. I love the stealth kills, so I will advance that skill first, with parkour being second. Running and jumping on buildings, and even “death from above” scenarios are okay, but I truly enjoy sneaking up on my target and doing the deed in front of others. It’s one of my favorite things in the Assassin’s Creed games and the fact that I can now tailor that to my play style makes me that much more excited for arguably my most anticipated game of the holiday season.

As revealed at E3 in June, Assassin’s Creed Unity adds a new co-op element to the gameplay. This is separate from the inspired multiplayer mode that most AC games have included in years past. In Unity, players can take their Arno on-line and complete assassination missions that are directly tied to the actual French Revolution. The customized assassin’s can work together–in groups of up to four–to stalk and take out their prey. Players can strategize a plan, and even heal each other if things go sideways on a mission. Awards, including loot chests, are given for the best-executed (pun fully intended) missions. And each mission is replayable to get more loot (money, weapons, clothing articles) making the co-op mode a whole new experience in and of itself.

This mode is separate from the main campaign within the game itself, giving gamers a whole new side of the game. Co-op multiplayer and character customization will forever change the way gamers play Assassin’s Creed, and if you can’t tell, we here at TheHDRoom are super stoked for it. Here is a video by Ubisoft expelling the new features in depth, and join us again later this week for the next installment of our massive preview coverage.

Viva La Assassin’s Creed!

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