Amiibo Wave 4 Release Date, Figure List, High-Res Figure and Package Images

Amiibo Wave 4 release date

The good news for amiibo hunters is that their Super Smash Bros. amiibo collection will be joined by six new fighters with the now-confirmed amiibo wave 4 lineup that includes Ness, Charizard, Wario, Lucina, Robin, and Pac-Man. The bad news is their arrival will mark the third consecutive month of new amiibo figures and your wallet will feel the pain.

Nintendo announced the amiibo wave 4 figures list during the latest Nintendo Direct this past Thursday. Technically wave 4 is wave 5 as five figures from a new Super Mario subset are coming on March 20 to coincide with the release of Mario Party 10 for Wii U. Ness and the gang are still being referred to as wave 4 since they are from the Super Smash Bros. series and it’s best not to add confusion by mixing in another set of figures into those waves.

According to European retailers the amiibo wave 4 release date will fall in late April. North America’s Nintendo Direct presentation and subsequent press release simply lists “spring” as the release date, but a late April to early May time frame is safe to assume at this point in time.

After amiibo wave 4 makes its way into stores and we pull our hair out trying to track them down, there will be 13 Super Smash Bros. fighters that still need to be amiibo-ized such as Game & Watch, Falcon, and Zero Suit Samus. I’d be shocked if those 13 figures aren’t released in amiibo wave 5 and amiibo wave 6 by the time summer comes to a close.

Below you will find amiibo wave 4 images in high resolution of all six characters both in and out of their packaging.

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