TheHDRoom’s Interactive “Weekend Box Office Prophet Game” Launch: Mike Myers Faces Final Destinaton

Shall we play a game? Why yes, I think we shall.

If you’ve been following our movie news for awhile you may have noticed we like to report weekend box office numbers. Every week before those numbers come out we like to speculate in the Forums what they might be.

This weekend pits newcomer horror thrillers Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 versus The Final Destination. Taking Woodstock debuts on far fewer screens, while Inglourious Basterds and District 9 hope to extend their profitable runs.

Rather than speculate in a forum thread, I’ve put together this nifty game that will run together every week here at TheHDRoom. Every week we’ll pick five films for everyone to predict how much money in millions they will make from Friday through Sunday. Once entered, your scores will be compared against the “Prophet,” a rotating HDR staff player (this week it’s me, Dan), and the cumulative average of everyone else.

At the conclusion of this first weekend the scores will be tallied and an ongoing leaderboard created. Also, once entered, you can check this page through Friday to watch the average score of all players adjust in real time as new predictions are made.

Enough talk. Be sure you’re registered with us and logged in to play. I’ll reveal more details about how the scoring works after this first week is complete. With any luck there will be enough players to introduce prizing for select winners who beat the Prophet and/or everyone else in the near future.

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