Neill Blomkamp’s CHAPPiE Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Release Dates and Details (Updated)

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has set the CHAPPiE Blu-ray and DVD release date for June 16, 2015, or a little over a month from now. Those of you pining for the CHAPPiE Digital HD release will be happy to learn that it will drop three weeks ahead of its physical disc counterparts on May 26, 2015.

Update: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has pushed back the CHAPPiE Digital HD release from May 26 to May 29.

CHAPPiE comes from the mind of Neill Blomkamp who shot to fame with the immensely successful Sci-Fi thriller, District 9. For CHAPPiE, the story about a reprogrammed robot who begins to think for himself, Blomkamp reenlisted Sharlto Copley to star in the writer/director’s third straight film, and paired him with Hugh Jackman and Dev Patel.

The estimated production budget for CHAPPiE was $49 million and the film earned just over $31 million in North America. Overseas interest helped ease the pain a little as the film grossed $52 million outside this continent for a worldwide total of $83.3 million.

For its home video debut, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has compiled two versions of CHAPPiE for Blu-ray: a standard release and a limited edition Blomkamp set in collectible digibook packaging. Both are pictured below. All the extras save for the first listed are exclusive to the Blu-ray and Digital HD combo pack.

  • “We Are Tetravaal” featurette – Weaver, Jackman & Patel discuss their characters & on-set experiences.
  • Extended Scene: “A Very Bad Man”
  • Eight Featurettes:
    • “Chappie: The Streetwise Professor” – An inside look at Chappie and casting Copley to play the robot and his performance via motion capture.
    • “Arms Race: The Weapons and Robots” – Get a deeper look at the real-world firepower tech and the design of the “Scout” robots & “Moose.”
    • “Bringing Chappie to Life: The Visual Effects” – The film’s VFX artists discuss the pre-production design process.
    • “From Tetra Vaal to Chappie” – An in-depth exploration of the scriptwriting process, the early concept design work and other aspects of pre-production.
    • “Keep It Gangster” – A behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating an authentic South African gangster world featuring interviews with NINJA and ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER.
    • “The Reality of Robotics” – Discover present day robotics capabilities and next generation artificial intelligence, featuring an interview with Robotics Professor Wolfgang Fink.
    • “Jozi: Real City and a Sci-Fi Setting” – Discover the history of the real world locations in the film and the role these setting played in the fictionalized version of Johannesburg.
    • “Rogue Robot: Deconstructing the Stunts & Special Effects” – A look at the film’s high-action stunt sequences.
  • “The Art of Chappie” Photo Gallery

Get pricing and pre-order CHAPPiE on Blu-ray and Digital combo for a discounted price at

 Get pricing and pre-order CHAPPiE Blomkamp Limited Edition on Blu-ray and Digital combo for a discounted price at

CHAPPiE Blomkamp Limited Edition Blu-ray cover art

CHAPPiE Blu-ray cover art


CHAPPiE Blu-ray release date

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