‘Monster Hunter’ 4K and Blu-ray Hot Amazon Sellers Ahead of Release

Sony’s Monster Hunter live-action movie starring Milla Jovovich, Ron Perlman and Tony Jaa took a lot of flack for straying from the game’s story and introducing an Earthly military element. Scores of vocal fans may have been up in arms, but that hasn’t slowed down interest in owning the film on home video.

This Tuesday, March 2nd, is the release date for Monster Hunter on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray. We’re a little over 24 hours away from then and both format versions of Monster Hunter are selling strong at Amazon.

The 4K Monster Hunter currently sits comfortably in the 4th Amazon Blu-ray bestsellers position. Not to be left too far behind is the Monster Hunter Blu-ray in the 5th position.

Monster Hunter occupying two spots in the top five means no matter how harsh the reviews or social media feedback has been, there are many folks out there willing to put down their money and add it to their home video library.

Monster Hunter Amazon 4K Bestseller

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