Hasbro’s Indiana Jones Adventure Series Figures Revealed and Pre-Orders Live

During PulseCon 2022 Day Two today, the Indiana Jones team at Hasbro formerly revealed the first-ever 6″ Indiana Jones action line, the Adventure Series. Indiana Jones and Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark were the first two figures revealed, and are now up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

Pre-order Indiana Jones and Toht Adventure Series figures at EE with free shipping using code FALLFREE22.

The other three Wave 1 figures revealed are Sallah (Ark Site Dig), Marion (City Chase), and Belloq (Ceremonial Robes). Though these three figures will be released alongside Indy and Toht, their pre-orders will not go live until a later date.

Those of you who want to pick-and-choose which figures to buy might want to rethink that strategy with this line. The Hasbro Indiana Jones team is taking a page out of Marvel’s book with a “Build-an-Artifact” feature. Each of the five Raiders of the Lost Ark figures in Wave 1 will come with a piece or pieces of the Ark of the Covenant. You’ll need all five to complete the Ark.

Hasbro stated that there will be at least 25 Indiana Jones figures in the Adventure Series, so expect at least 5 per movie and an artifact with each.

Wave 1, the Raiders of the Lost Ark wave, is due to arrive no later than Spring 2023.

Pre-order Indiana Jones (ROTLA) at Entertainment Earth.

Pre-order Toht at Entertainment Earth.

Hasbro's Indiana Jones Adventure Series Figures Revealed and Pre-Orders Live

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