Super7 ThunderCats Cats’ Lair Crowdfund Close to Goal and Early Bird Bonus

Super7 Thundercats Lair Crowdfund Close to Goal and Early Bird Bonus

The Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates crowdfund for the massive 7″ scale Cats’ Lair playset is less than 400 backers away from funding at 3,000 backers. It’s also less than 8 hours away at the time of this post from the Early Bird bonus, a life-size Key to Thundera.

Back the ThunderCats Cats’ Lair play set at Super7.

The second tier is at 4,000 backers and is for a resting Claw Shield accessory and Lab Set, both quite enticing. The question is whether it will reach 4,000 or not.

Even higher at 5,000 backers will unlock an Astral-Projection Lion-O figure that looks quite nifty in its render.

The price for the Cats’ Lair crowdfund is $650 plus shipping, which is $100, and tax. The final price will likely come out in the neighborhood of $800.

It look like the ThunderCats Ultimates Cars’ Lair will definitely fund before September 17th when the campaign ends, and the Early Bird is within reach, and both tiers are still in play as well.

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