GI Joe Classified Firefly (v1), Crimson Viper, Nunchuk, and Thunder Machine Pre-Orders

GI Joe Classified Firefly (v1), Crimson Viper, Nunchuk, and Thundermachine Pre-Orders

The Yo Joe! June finale from Hasbro once again delivers a trio of new Classified figures, but also unveils the Transformers Collaborative Mash-Up Dreadnok Thunder Machine/Soundwave with Zartan, Zarana, and Ravage.

All four of these produce will be available for pre-order beginning Wednesday, June 28th at 1 pm ET.

Firefly (version 1) is a mainline figure decked out with tons of gear, including a small r/c bomb. This is a completely new figure and unrelated to the previous Cobra Island version.

Crimson Viper is the latest army builder and addition to Tomax and Xamot’s squad. He’s also a mainline release and should prove popular.

Nunchuck is a Fan Channel and Amazon exclusive (still not live yet) and should be readily available to pickup.

The Thunder Machine and Soundwave Transformers Mash-Up is also an Amazon and Fan Channel exclusive.

These final Yo Joe! June figures join last week’s GI Joe Classified figure pre-orders.

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