GI Joe Classified Snow Serpent, Low-Light, and Grunt Pre-Orders (Updated)

Another round of Yo Joe! June deliver another trio of new figures in the GI Joe Classified action figure line. This time around we get Low-Light, Grunt, and a Deluxe Snow Serpent that will all be available for pre-order starting Wednesday, June 21st at 1 pm ET.

Update: the Snow Serpent is available again to pre-order at Amazon.

All three of these new GI Joe Classified figures are mainline releases available at all major retailers that carry the line. There are no store exclusives so hopefully no quick sellouts like last week’s Amazon exclusive Cobra Eels.

Snow Serpent is a mainline deluxe figure that comes loaded with accessories, including a snowboard that pays homage to his classic v2 version. The rest of the figure is v1 inspired.

Low-Light looks just like his v1 version and comes with a sniper rifle that can be dismantled and stored in an included case. He’s also got rings around his eyes as homage to the Sunbow cartoon interpretation of the character that suffered from nightmares.

Grunt is an OG GI Joe character who is a little more souped up from his vintage release, including a data-pad and alternate Steel Corps head for army building.

These figures join last week’s Yo Joe! June GI Joe Classified figure pre-orders.

GI Joe Classified Snow Serpent, Low-Light, and Grunt Pre-Orders

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