New Dead Rising 2 Screens and Combination Weapons Details

With Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 locked into an August 31 release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, we can now start taking a closer look at what the zombie slaughter sequel will bring to the table along with some bloody good new screens.

Developer Blue Castle Games has set Dead Rising 2 several years after the events of Dead Rising in the fictional Las Vegas-like oasis of pleasure, Fortune City. Only the top pleasure here is a television show called ‘Terror is Reality’ that tosses contestants into a ring with zombies with the winner being the one who can kill the most and stay alive.

The protagonist is Chuck Greene, a former national motocross champion who travels to Fortune City to compete in ‘Terror is Reality.’ It won’t be long after Chuck’s arrival before the zombies escape the arena and turn Fortune City into an undead nightmare.

Capcom promises Dead Rising 2 will boost the number of zombies from the hundreds to the thousands. To deal with the burgeoning infestation, Chuck will be able to craft ‘combination weapons’ by combining two objects using duct tape. Examples given are a ‘Portamower’ combining a piece of wood and a lawnmower and the ‘Zombie Prod’ using a car battery and a garden rake. The screens reveal a canoe paddle with chainsaws on each end dubbed the ‘Paddle Saw’ and boxing gloves turned into Freddy Krueger killing weapons via knives.

Combination weapons will not only result in more effective and gruesome kills, but they will also increase your Prestige Points. The more PP, the faster Chuck will level up.

Click any of the Dead Rising 2 screen thumbnails below to view a high resolution version.

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