Mass Effect 2 Teaser Trailer and Concept Art

BioWare has unleashed the first teaser trailer and concept art for Mass Effect 2 that will draw you, squash your spirits and leave you wanting more.

The trailer is a video transmission of a ship flying above an Earth-like planet. While accolades you’ve accomplished playing as Commander Shepard from the first Mass Effect flash on the screen, the camera slowly scans over metal surfaces until an N7 logo is revealed.

This logo is of course part of the armor you wore in Mass Effect 2. But just when you think Commander Shepard will appear a dagger is rammed through your heart.

“Status: Killed in action”

So that’s it? Shepard is dead? Or maybe not? With no notice, a nasty Geth robot raises its “eye” and fires something into the screen sending the vantage point to back outside the ship and ending the trailer.

With only a minute’s worth of footage our anticipation for Mass Effect 2 is already through the roof and we don’t even know definitely what consoles it will appear on.

Along with the teaser trailer are the first two pieces of concept art which you can check out below in high-res by clicking on the thumbs. There will obviously be much, much more to come.

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