Ghost Recon Future Soldier “Inside Recon” Trailer and Screenshots Deploy

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Inside Recon Trailer and Screenshots DeployUbisoft has debuted the first entry in a new Ghost Recon Future Soldier behind-the-scenes video series that will highlight the game’s prominent features. For this first entry, a handful of screenshots have been passed along as well that you can peruse below.

“Animation and Cover” talks about the newfound focus on detailed character animations and cover tactics in the game. For example, approximately 2,500 animations were used to bring the main character to life, developed from motion capture using former Navy Seal operatives. There’s really no better way to capture the movements and feel of being one of these soldiers for the game.

Numerous dynamic moves are available to take advantage of cover behind and around objects. You can slide, roll and jump over scenery to get out of harms way or put yourself in the perfect position for a silent kill.

Moving from cover to cover is especially crucial as enemies can eventually destroy cover with sustained fire. Ubisoft’s smooth animations and the ability to peek from behind cover without overexposing yourself to enemy fire make for an extremely realistic combat simulation, as evidenced in the video below. Runners and gunners will want to turn the other cheek.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier will be available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on May 22. A PC version will be available at a later date.

– Dan Bradley

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