Awesome New Gears of War 3 High-Res Screenshots

Microsoft and Epic Games are showing off some sweet new assets from Gears of Wars just prior to the game’s public unveiling this week at E3 2010.

Mixed into this batch of 23 Gears of War 3 screenshots are a little bit of everything. You get to see Marcus, Dom and the gang taking on the Locust and new Lambent enemy. You get to see new character Anya, the first female member of Delta Squad. And you get to see new maps like the Overpass, and concept art for the Thrashball Arena (think bombed out Basketball stadium) Raven’s Nest City (a bustling human settlement built on top of an aircraft carrier). I think you’ll agree all look “epic” and fantastic.

We’ll be sharing anything new that emerges from Epic and Microsoft at E3 2010 regarding Gears of War 3.

Click any of the screen thumbnails below for the high resolution version.

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